Life is an Ongoing Edit

I was reading outside the other day when I had a random thought. 

I thought about how every time I go to write these emails, I think they're so great. Then, after a few days, I proofread them and change them almost entirely.

When this happens, I ask myself what the heck I was thinking. 


This sort of thing has happened when I look back at old photos. I’m like WHAT IN THE WORLD?!? My hair and some of my outfits were atrocious. But there's no going back to fix any of that hot mess. 

Isn’t that life, too? Always being and doing our best as we go? And then learning and making changes based on our experiences? 

Although there's no going back to edit or change the way things have been in the past, I believe the best way to get better and stronger is by carefully evaluating what is now behind us and making proper adjustments in order to create our best life moving forward. 

Just like we edit and revise our writing, I think we should apply the same process to life.

Write… Live Life

Step away/take a break from writing… Slow Down/ Be Still and allow for reflection of life

Edit…Make adjustments as needed 

Revise with new eyes to make better… Reflect on the day/week/current time and approach the future with a new attitude and perspective.


Make life an ongoing edit. That is true living. 



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