Release Your Wants and Be Ready to Receive

Do you find yourself in a state of desire for change? 

If so, what have you done to prepare for that new thing?

If it’s a new job, you may need to mentally envision yourself already there. You can start by  cleaning out your current desk and begin closing any loose ends. You may even need to work on a fresh, new attitude :) 

If it’s a new relationship, maybe you need to tend to YOUR personal needs first. You may need to work through some existing issues or areas before you take on another person in your life. Are you able to show up as your BEST self as you currently are? 

If it’s your finances and you're ready for abundance and freedom, maybe you need to look at your current stewardship and management behaviors. Will you be able to responsibly handle the increase with your current money behaviors? 

There is a principle about making a mental map of what all should be in place in order for you to receive what you are asking for so that you have success with that thing, whatever it is. 

It’s the same thing on a daily basis. We have to be prepared for the little things as well as the big things.

Dinner, outfits, daily schedule, and appointments all need to be planned and prepared for in advance on a regular basis if we want the best results.

Think about what you really want. Then, make a plan to be ready for it. It’s coming, friends. 

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