You are Powerful Beyond Measure

Last week, I led my first official talk during a virtual women’s retreat and our theme was ‘I am Powerful’. So good! 

Every morning, I am reminded of my own inner strength, resilience, and perseverance. I have frequent pep talks and I’ve mastered the art of self coaching. But, being the human that I am, I also have my days.

I want to sprinkle your day with a few thoughts that you can have all for yourself and keep on hand when you need them.

These are not just words, my friends. They are truths and promises. Own them.

Here we go!

  • You are DESTINED for greatness

  • You are meant to SHINE

  • You will EXCEED expectations

  • You are covered, BLESSED, and protected

  • You are POWERFUL beyond measure

Yep, those all look good on you. 

p.s Today's blog is short and sweet, but if you have a moment, check out Marianne Williamson's poem Our Deepest Fear!



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