You Don't Really Enjoy Suffering, Do You?

WHOA. When I used to suffer with terrible seasonal allergies but refused to see my doctor or take any medication, my husband would say to me “You like suffering, don’t you?”

While I wanted to do a karate chop on him, I knew that my actions were in fact, making this statement somewhat true.

But, I definitely do not like suffering. And I’m sure you don’t either. 

So why do we ignore and avoid dealing with some of our problems in life, sometimes, forever.


Here’s what I want to offer.

Get something to write in.

What are you suffering or dealing with right now? What is your current state of emotion?

Write everything. 

What is causing you to feel these emotions? Get really clear and specific.

What can you/are you willing to do about it? This is the hard part.

Make a decision. Own your decision.

You will either…continue suffering and/or struggling OR take hard action to change the story. 

Your story.

Write all of this down. Sit with it. Pray on it. Act. 

We should all want to be well from within. We deserve a life of peace and joy and so do our loved ones around us, especially our children.

To hear more about this, tune in to this week’s episode (Ep.33) where I really dive in. 

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