I'm Barbara~ Life Coach, Podcast Host, and Content creator.

My mission is simple: Teach others to live empowered and purposeful lives.

My own journey has been long and windy, but filled with invaluable lessons along the way. 

In 2021, I launched the Something to Bless Podcast as a means of encouraging and inspiring others. I use my own experiences to teach others different ways of living a more enriched and blessed life. 

After spending nearly a decade teaching in the public school system, I followed my intuition and made the switch to become a Life Coach.

I am the author of several affirmation card decks and a gratitude journal. I am constantly inspired by the power of words, habits, and positive thinking and I use these tools as a part of my work with others as well as in my own growth journey. 

I am a proud wife and mother of three. What more could I ask? 

Reach out anytime! 
With love and gratitude,