Life Coaching

You desire a life that is full of meaning and impact.You want to have confidence, clarity, and purpose in everything you do. You are READY for shift.

Here is what you will accomplish when you choose to work with me:

  • Replace doubt with confidence
  • Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed
  • Develop healthy habits with your money, health, relationships, and more
  • Overcome limiting beliefs 
  • Gain clarity about your purpose in life
  • Plan and prepare for your dream life!

 Meet Barbara...

Barbara Guillen is a wife and mother of three. For nearly a decade, she spent her time as a public school teacher. In 2021, Barbara took a huge leap of faith and left her career as a teacher to pursue her calling as a life coach. Her sole mission is to share with others what she has learned over the past several years about stepping into our power with clarity, confidence, and purpose. She is dedicated to showing others how to reach next level faith and impact. 

As a fiercely committed student of life, Barbara has received coaching and mentorship from high success coaches, including Patrice Washington (Purpose), Cathy Heller (Taking inspired action), Sean Croxton (The inner workings of the Brain and power of thoughts), and Kathleen Cameron (Law of Attraction and Manifestation) and is using these and other teachings to share with her clients. 

In 2021, Barbara launched the Something to Bless Podcast as a way to encourage and inspire others. In 2022, she became a Diamond Academy certified Life coach and is using her passion to impact and transform lives, one at a time. 

Life Coaching Program

This 12 week mentorship is perfect for anyone who desires confidence, clarity, and courage in their relationships, work, health, finances, and more. Students will reach next level growth by gaining fresh, new perspectives and engaging in consistent powerful evaluation. 

If you are feeling stuck, frustrated, and/or overwhelmed with your current circumstances, you are in the right place. 

The greatest investment you can make in life is in yourself. Life coaching is one powerful way to step into your highest form. With guidance and mentorship, you will learn how to clean your thoughts and behaviors so that they serve you and others in the best possible way.

Here are just a few results you will see come to life along this journey:

  • higher self image and confidence
  • ability to make quick, clear decisions
  • healthier relationships
  • better outlook on life
  • less talk. more action 
  • set firm boundaries
  • commitment to better physical health
  • structure/routines/organization    
  • healthy coping strategies for mental and emotional well being

         and so much more!

What You Can Expect...


This 12 week mentorship is designed to guide you in living the life you truly desire by taking you through your own thought and behavior processes. Through intensive weekly engagement and support, you will soar to new heights and discover the power within as you increase your self awareness. Others will begin to notice the shift in you and you will attract the goodness that you desire by becoming who you were always meant to be. 

In addition to your weekly 1:1 calls, you will have access to video lessons, worksheets, and other resources. All clients will receive lifetime access to course work as well as the option to renew coaching contract at special pricing.